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'How can you be more beautiful, on the inside?'

Harriet Welch


Yinan Zhu


Yinan Zhu

An Overview: Re-appropriation of Daily Life

Hui Chen

Context: Urbanisation and the Square Dancing Ritual

Hui Chen

Set of Forms

Hui Chen

The Generosity of The Whole

Hui Chen

Framing The Central Plaza

Hui Chen

Collective Performance

Hui Chen

Aylesbury Estate Masterplan: New Mall

Taejin Choi

Project Summary

Taejin Choi

The Lasting Glow: Taplow Block Regeneration

Yining Gao

Otupia Anti-Social Housing -- Communal Space

Runwen Du

Otupia Anti-Social Housing -- No Contact Delivery System

Runwen Du

Otupia Anti-Social Housing -- Glitch bar

Runwen Du


Yanyun Yang

Rainwater Fountain

Matyas Barak

Night watch cafe - Lovett's lamppost

Liu Yuntong


Issey Fang

The Mud Bank : Public Space & Centre for Mudlarking

Yilun Li

Perceptions of Scale

Emma Mounsey

A Night in a Cabman's Shelter

Nina Coulson

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Nina Coulson

Antiapóleia - Act One; The Progressions of Sistrum State

Jamie Steedman

Antiapóleia - Act Two; Proposals for Lacuna Tower Project

Jamie Steedman

Antiapóleia - Act Three; Exercise, Exorcise, Rite, Right

Jamie Steedman

FIENDS Journal

Toby Tobias Kidd

Communal Kitchen and Living Space

Nichamon Dejprasert

About Imagination

Qian Jiang

Imagine You Are

Qian Jiang

Imagine You Are Air

Qian Jiang

Imagine You Are This Marble

Qian Jiang

Imagine You Are You

Qian Jiang

Do you remember the last time it rained?

Lydia Hamblet


Dolly Kershaw


Dolly Kershaw


Dolly Kershaw

we who are least demanding

Laura Robertson

Welcome to the Broadcast Show

Yuan Xiao

All the best,

Magda Tritto

The Greyfield Project

Georgia Cottington


Elliot Lunn

Visualizing Community Voices

Eva Oosterlaken


Kin Man Cammy Sha


Ziwei Chen

Public Spaces

Fleur Elkerton

Digital Discomforts

Emma O'Regan-Reidy

Public Spaces

Freya Purcell

Public spaces

Toni Rutherford

Digital Discomforts

Deepika Srivastava


Julie Maurin

Alone in the City

Avirukh Roy

Alone in the City- continued

Avirukh Roy

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