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Anna Podlaszewska

Material Tectonic

Shawn Adams

E-waste Models

Shawn Adams

Value II: See-Through

Taejin Choi

First date

Yanyun Yang


Huiyi Wu


Luke Fuller


Luke Fuller

Communal Kitchen and Living Space

Nichamon Dejprasert

The rainy days are no longer coming

Jiaxin Tang

Off-World Suburbia

Romane Courdacher

Wild Fire Burns Deep

Minyao Fang

Interactive Sculpture

Izabela Duszenko

A storytelling structure

Caitlin Kiely

Domestic Clay

Max Hornaecker


Max Hornaecker


Anya Muangkote

BioFab 1.0

Anya Muangkote


Anya Muangkote

Sustainable Development: Recycling Bhar

Hanne Viehmann

The Structure of Sadness on Cultural Erasure

Xiaotong(Elissa) Wang

23 sunsets

Mengqian Ge

The Space to Which We Turn

Samuel Jamieson

Japanese knotweed project

Marina Belintani

The Fabric of Spaces

Felizia Berchtold

Treading lightly between the analogue and digital to transform float glass – an alternative glass practice?

Isabella Kullmann

Material Explorations

Hanson Cheng

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