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Osteoconstruction: Remodelling the Post-industrial Body and Landscape

Rachel Housley

Three Eras of Calcium Metabolism

Rachel Housley

1872 to 2020

Valerie Itteilag

The Black Wall

Serena Huang

The Pier, an artist-led roadside refectory

Nina Coulson

Our Ancient Mark III

Emmie Ray Hubbard

rEvolution - The book of the project.

Adrian Ward


Adrian Ward

a dying trade

Adrian Ward

Cossacks or Janissaries

Shir Cohen

The Freedom of Unnamed Things - Part 2

Teresa Arêde

Untitled (Bread Man)

Jiwon Kwak

Untitled (Peanut Girl)

Jiwon Kwak

Untitled (Puffer Vacuum)

Jiwon Kwak

'SCULPTING IS SO MUCH FUN!!!’ Keyword: ‘Amateur’

Laura Robertson

Broken English

Ravista Mehra


Ravista Mehra

'She' grows ardently

Manye Xu

A Walk along the Mitcham Road (Tooting)

Matthew Dowell

Design in Quarantine

Fleur Elkerton


Julie Maurin

Made in Sheerness Makerspace

KyungWon Ryu

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