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Tarik Helmy

No longer foreigners and strangers.

Xiaoxi Yang

Introduction : beyond Sickness

Harriet Welch

Duration in the age of the instant : on not knowing

Harriet Welch

‘Dressing’ the body in sickness: skin does not protect from the inside out

Harriet Welch

The aestheticisation of ‘wellness’

Harriet Welch

A reflection on immunity: destruction

Harriet Welch

An interview with Ane Graff : material bodies

Harriet Welch

Afterword: illness, advocacy, and the environment

Harriet Welch

'How can you be more beautiful, on the inside?'

Harriet Welch

FebriSol: Big Problem, Simple Solution.

Ricky Stoch


Yijia Huang


Sam Sheckells

FAMILIA - restoring dignity to seniors

Sarah Willemart

LightHouse: Mobile Application

Malvika Bhasin

GENKI - the ankle brace

Natalie Kerres

Household Health

Alessandro Paone


Ellen Fowles

Who Heals the Healer? The Junior Doctor Circle

Clare Summerfield


Rob Krentz


Melinda Kuei

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