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SID (Sound Immersion Device)

Francois Menes

Urban Moments

Sujeban Susilakanthan

Yes, romance still exists in 2020.

Yanyun Yang

A Shop for Camper

Chen Cheng

M'A Home Tour

Mariana Cunha

Set 1

Mariana Cunha

Set 3

Mariana Cunha

Set 4

Mariana Cunha

An Outsider: Chalayan Immersive Brandscape

Muyang Tang

An Outsider | Project Overview

Muyang Tang

An Outsider | Visualization

Muyang Tang

Rainwater Fountain

Matyas Barak

Water On Water

Qian Jiang

Is the weather going to stay the same?

Lydia Hamblet

The Bland Dinner

Juliette Coquet

Splice Work in Progress Show in RCA (01.2020)

1Yiming Yang


arman ataman


Weiwei Zhou

You: expansion of the self

Marco Calzolari/ π™Žπ™„π™‰π™π™€π™π™„π˜Ύπ™Š


Yang Yu

Gabrielle Tanneau

Urban Moments

Jae Sun Park

Disrupting Cultures Powerhouse

Cecilia Santucho

Transforming art museums into therapeutic environments

Kin Man Cammy Sha


Kin Man Cammy Sha

Art as therapy in museums

Kin Man Cammy Sha

23 sunsets

Mengqian Ge


Mi Zhou

The Fabric of Spaces

Felizia Berchtold

Infinite Lines

Yueming Bao


Eleana Burrows

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