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Research The Gap Between Room Advertising And Reality

Kyung Jin Jeong

The North Somerset Heirloom

Leah Mentzis

Looking around

Leah Mentzis

Talking to the community

Leah Mentzis

Research and the arts

Leah Mentzis

Further development

Leah Mentzis

Race for the Arctic

Feiqi Wang

Sensitising Typography

Aakriti Khurana

Anthology of Design Research

Sophie Horrocks

Visualizing Community Voices

Eva Oosterlaken

Democratised Scientific Futures

Finn Strivens

Gabrielle Tanneau

How sustainable is bhar?

Hanne Viehmann

The Sustainability Fader

Hanne Viehmann


Beatrice Mandelstam


Kin Man Cammy Sha


Jess Stein

Design development with visual narrative

Sushila Pun

Design in Quarantine

Fleur Elkerton

Conclusion: Designing Kinaesthetic Empathy

Kensho Miyoshi

SENSAURA: Design Process

Sophie Horrocks

Symbiotic Futures

Romy Snijders

Symbiotic Futures | The Netherlands 2035

Romy Snijders

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