Henry Yijie Song

Menswear designer

Royal College of Art ( 2018- 2020)


Degree Details

School of Design


[untitled] — Organised elements: Stationary / Chopped food ingredients / Folded coat / Plan.




07 — Capsule No. 2: - 'New Order' made in 100% cotton organdi.

08 — Capsule No.2: - Fitting.

This collection is about the deconstruction of basic styles, and the re-organisation of their components to find new order in menswear.

I learned that organizing is an art, as well as a reflection of one’s mental state. I want to share this lifestyle by menswear, and implant the concept of organising into the garment, so that the garment is both a daily necessity and a container that can be used to organise one’s life.

I observed my mini-fridge and some items that I had organised inside it, summed up the laws of them, and found a corresponding artistic style – knolling. The actual definition of knolling is as "the process of arranging objects parallel or at a 90-degree angle as a method of organisation." I designed the components of the garment as a detachable structure. They can be assembled into a basic garment when worn. After taking off, all the parts can be dismantled from the garment, and reorganised in the knolling style on the garment.

I disassembled the components of different kinds of garments, and then arranged them in the knolling style so that the components were neatly displayed. I rethinked the proportions and structures of these components and added them to my own design so that they can keep the garment in a basic style when it is used, and also present a neat display after reorganisation.

I always want to create more interaction between clothing and people, because I think that clothing is not only used by people, they can also affect the user's lifestyle, their thinking and more.


100% Cotton Shirting, 100% Cotton Organdie
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