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Yifan Gao

Yifan Gao was born in Wuxi, China. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Jewellery at London College of Fashion in 2018 and went on to study Ceramic&Glass at the Royal College of Art. As a jewellery designer, her work has repeatedly appeared in London Fashion Week as well as in international fashion magazines such as i:D, Vogue Italia, Dazed and WWD. With her jewellery collection “Lab”, she took part in the London design festival and the Premiere Classe showroom in France in 2016. Her collaboration with Xiaoming Shan on Central Saint Martin’s womenswear runway won the Special Award in 2017. She also produced and directed the fashion film “Les Twins”, which was shortlisted for the Filming East Shorts Award. In 2020, her glasswork appeared in SCHÖN Magazine.   




Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

Ever since the invention of the modern machine and algorithms, humankind has been hypothesising about the future of our society with advanced technologies and the coexistence of us and artificial intelligence. But what if such coexistence is forced to take place underwater, now that climate change or disasters can be imminent upon us if we do not take actions fast enough? Yifan's project explores the possibility of just that, where a highly advanced civilisation has adapted to an Atlantis-like living environment. Human beings will have returned to the one place where life started, and the hyper-intelligent future tech is formed in symbiosis with sea creatures and structures. Here, the organic and the artificial are blended together, which is what her visual combination of metal and glass - also of geometric forms and seemingly arbitrary structures - presents.  

Her project imagines how humans have a future.....

Symbiotic Post-machina - story background — This image shows the future of humankind. In this new living environment, a semi biological machine provides nutrition to human embryos in an Atlantis-like city on the seabed. Humankind will thrive, and breed hope in the ocean.

Experimental device Princple Ⅰ — Device instruction manual 1. Technical specifications 2. Setting the temperature 3. Nutrition outlet parameters

Experimental device Princple Ⅱ

Experiment record — This sculpture is a human incubator in my story. It has four nutrition outlets which can provide human embryos with energy. This device is a hybrid unit, half biological and half machine.

Yifan’s work explores the interface between living creatures and human technology. She aims to give people a fantastic living world in which human beings have returned to the place where life first emerged. Technology will evolve together with nature, and form a unique underwater civilization.

She uses mixed media to present a colourful visual effect that blends the organic and the artificial.


glass, mixed media


24.0432cm x 9.486cm x 9.6261cm

Digital artist & short film director at RCA:

Haocheng Wu and I worked on this digital design together.
Digital Art
Humanised Technology
Mixed Media
Science Fiction
Synthetic Biology
Visual Effects

Human Incubator Ⅰ - Oblique view

Human Incubator Ⅰ - Front view

Human Incubator Ⅰ — This sculpture is a human incubator in my story. It has four nutrition outlets which can provide human embryos with enough energy. This device is semi biological and semi machine

This sculpture is made by 3d printing. The surface is vacuum plated.


3D printing,vacuum plated


9.6cm x 9.5cm x 24.4cm

Human Incubator Ⅱ — This work is made of glass casting and glass blowing.

virtual maches

virtual maches — This gif shows the possibility of matches. The materials of the geometric part are virtual, made by Rhino and Keyshot.

This work is made of glass casting and glass blowing.




9.6cm x 9.5cm x 21.9cm

Human Incubator Ⅲ — This work made by glass blowing and 3D printing.

This work made by glass blowing and 3D printing.


glass,3d printing


9.6cm x 9.5cm x 24.4cm

Symbiotic Post-machina

Symbiotic Post-Machina

This 3D animation tells that in the future, humans are no longer the masters of the earth. Against this background, Yifan creates a human incubator and brings it back to the seabed, where it nurtures life. In this animation, the camera follows a human incubator as it falls from the sky to the seabed, representing the process of human civilization from destruction to rebirth.




Linyou Xie and I worked on this 3D animation together.
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