Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Tian Chen

Born in Sichuan province of China, Chen Tian received her BA in Integrate innovative design in 2016 from Jiangnan University. In 2020, She get her MA in Ceramics & Glass of Royal College of Art.


2020- The power of change, Taoxichuan Gallery, Tongchuan, China

2020- RCA 2020, Virtual Show

2020- 24:4, Private Address, London

2019- The story of illumination, Taoxichuan Gallery, Jingdezhen, China

2019- Across borders, Qiu Gallery, Sanbao international Ceramic Art Villiage Museum, China

2016- Design for change, School of design jiangnan University,China

Awards and Honor:

2018 Merit scholarship, RIT

2016 Annual scholarship, School of design jiangnan University

2015 Being selected to the Zhishan Honors school of Jiangnan Univesity

For prices and commissions please contact: tian.chen@network.rca.ac.uk



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Degree Details

School of Arts & Humanities

My practice revolves around materials, spatial perception, light, and metaphors about the relationship among people. 

My inspiration start from architectural space which is the generator and container of my emotions and memories. Base on that, I have been studying the relationship between the visual characteristics of physical space, specifically distance, and it's relatively semantic meaning.

In my recent series of works, light has became an important element. It translate the different thickness on porcelain tiles into a visible image, and form a visually depth on a flat surface. 

And also, in the glass sculpture, it reveals the Imperceptible distance among the bullet-like negative spaces.

Overview (Photo by: Taoxichuan Gallery) — The work were installed on the different side of this room.

Front View (Photo by: Taoxichuan Gallery; Edit by: Tian Chen)

Detail (Photography by: Gerald Mak)

Detail (Photo by: Gerald Mak)

With viewer (Photo by: Taoxichuan Gallery)

With viewer (Photo by: Taoxichuan Gallery)

In this work, I use light and blurry images to create an ambiguous and undefinable space.

Using the image positives and negatives, light comes either from the front or the back of the image.  In vagueness, this is an image of a leaf.

This work was inspired by a bouquet of flowers inserted in a frosted plastic cup. The frosted surface of the cup scatters the light, making the bouquet behind it gradually blurred, thus forming an ambiguous spatial depth.

Here, the tonal depth of the graphics on the porcelain tile is directly generated by the colour density of a picture, which is read by software and converted into the corresponding thickness data.


Porcelain & light box


120×50×7; 120×50×7; 25×25×7
Digital Craft

Front view

Side view




Interactive 3d model

Portfolio of practice — It's a documentary of my practice during lockdown time and how i develop my idea.

It's a digital rendering i made during the lock down time for the glass sculpture Departure.

In this work I use glass in order to show the momentous scene, usually impossible to catch with a human eye, that happens during the rapid movement and collision of objects. By colliding two simple bullet-shapes, I create a visual simulation of a stretched shape created by the force of mutual movement.

I chose to use glass as a medium in order to accentuate the distance between the two colliding form and the moment when they are closing in the distance without actually touching.


Glass (3d rendering)






The way I experience the sense of a space is by observing it from the fixed position. Since i work primarily with blurred image, i started to think about how we asses the spaces in movement. As we are unable to focus our vision and have a clear image of a space due to the lack of static positioning, the space creates a progressive visual experience.

The concept of “Colliding” comes from the vitality of people I perceive in life and the collisions, departures and gaps among them. It reflects on this phenomena, in which a form is created in a process of between the colliding of objects.


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