ADS8: Data Matter: Digital Networks, Data Centres & Posthuman Institutions

Qitong Yang


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School of Architecture

ADS8: Data Matter: Digital Networks, Data Centres & Posthuman Institutions

Surveillance Device — Digital surveillance environment in London - investigation through a recreation of a real physical scene

This project investigates the architecture of exposure, aiming to make the system of state surveillance visible to the public. Driven by the invisibility of the system, the outcome of the research provides the power of choice to the general public, who can be seen as the insentient inmates and passive recipients of the monitoring in question. By understanding, recreating and reproducing spaces that are heavily surveilled across the City of London, and visualising it with both 2d and 3d forms of representation, this project develops an app that reveals the vast array of the technological infrastructure in its architectural setting - this exposure therefore aims to impact the ways in which we move through and around our cities as the public can then choose from various responses - such as changing the the way they look or adjusting their routes from start to destination.




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