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(Richard) Pui Ching Yeung

Richard (Pui Ching) Yeung (b.1995) is an Hong Kong and London based artist.  


Wimbledon College of Art BA Painting (2018)

Recent Exhibition:

Final, Not Over (2020)


RA Summer Show (2020) Shortlisted


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School of Arts & Humanities

My work consists of a pro-longed journey through an imaginary post-apocalyptic world which conveys the overwhelming power of
nature. The constant appearance of ruins where civilizations have crumbled through time and the struggle of survival in the wasteland and the tribute to Romanticism and the attempt to resurrect sublimity. 

Imagining “What will be new under the sun”, and observing The anxiety of Nature conflict with Human that transverse The power of wildlife and what remains as remnants of nature in the ruins.  

Through exploring the fragility of our civilisation, my latest work utilises the apocalyptic wasteland as a form of salvation for the unblemished. It is an instinctive reflection of a personal encounter with a symbolic or sarcastic twist to position us as part of the
the narrative in a possible future while investigating the present phenomenon.   

Flight Club — 20 x 10 cm Oil on Panel (2019) I Stumbled across some sticky and colourful material today called oil paint. I probably can use these pigments for camouflage. Everything was buried deep down except for the nearby airport and factory; they were still standing.

The Last Fossil Fuel — 20 x 10 cm Oil on Panel (2019)

Please Standby — 1080 x 2200 px Digital Painting (2020) I guess we all stare at that giant screen at night. Whatever that “Please Standby” means, I do not think it is a message for us anymore. I just need to move on quick as soon as the sun rises.





Impervious Structure — 42 x 29.7 cm Oil on Special Board (2019) I was awakened by the sound of thunder. The air was dry, the smell of copper. The vision was blurry. The wind was mercilessly peeling off the skins of every surroundings. It devoured everything on its path. This seemed like a military area or what they called testing site for something. There was a building that just crumbled like a deflated basketball. Could not use it as shelter.

SkyHigh — 1080 x 2200 px Digital Painting (2020) Navigated another industrial structure nearby, a person was flying on a red-winged thing and dived for the ground. He said that is the wrath of God for what have we done to this earth. Although I did not understand the earth he spoke of.

Omen — 20 x 10 cm Oil on Panel (2019) The wind turned into a storm and it did not stop till the sky got dark. My bike looked like just it was starched by the devil himself. Guess some paint I found earlier will probably fix that.

At Least We Saved The Beer! — 40 x 30 cm Oil on Panel (2019) Followed a trail of smoke and wandered into the swamp today. Some folks said the Fire had been burning for few decades already. So, they lived on the lake. A sudden wind burnt down another area nearby. That was the most exciting moment for them because they said that was the time treasures unburied themselves. Guess they were right. Cannot say the same for the deer though.

When the Morning Light Shines In — 60x100 cm Oil on Canvas (2019) They invited me to the Aircraft home and let me have some of their “Beer” which I never tried before. It is cold and refreshing because it stayed underwater. They were mentioning something about “moonshine”, but I took a rest early because of the headache. The scent of morning was so crisp, and the light was smoothing as the fog surround us. As being part of the community, they gave me a name “Drunk” in the next day.


Oil on Panel

The Greatest Weapon — 2160 x 3840 px Digital Painting (2020) I picked up a signal from my bike radio and found an old man named John. He directed me to the south and found a weird sticking pole on top of his cosy caravan. He was working as both presenter and DJ for the local people and traveller. He had great knowledge which probably kept everyone entertained for his kind of music and stories of the past. He told me all about the old world; the concept of government, idea of media and how they control and manipulate people back then. It was so vivid and convincing, but it was also very difficult for me to picture many people once walked this land.

Dream of Venice — 62 x 43.5 cm Oil on Canvas Board (2019) He pointed me to the nearest town that archived some histories of our past. In the library, I found an extraordinary city which was floating on water. It was named Venice and used be the heart of Fine Art as well. Last records of it mentioned most of the city was submerged while only a tiny part remained on the surface.

Their New Home — 42 x 29.7 cm Oil on Special Board (2019) The sky started burning again. I was told that there was a group of people who settled here. There was a giant ruin of overpass and metal-plated carriage hanging mid-air. Only skeletons remained as witnesses of the event, the stories only they knew has been lost to the ages now.



Optimistic Thinking — 40 x 10 cm Oil on Canvas (2019) It was boiling today, and my bike was suffering from the heat as well. After travelling through few empty gas stations, I have arrived an unoccupied farm. There were few machines running but no sight of people. The red text on the giant billboard looked like an extinct old language called “Russian”.

Recycling — 2160x3840 px Digital Painting (2020) I observed from far away until a group of people returned. They were the group of settlers that John mentioned. They were shocked to see me because they thought they were the only survivors. They showed me a picture of a plague that happened a long time ago and they believed that the plague had wiped out almost everything.

Dream of Antarctica — 62 x 43.5 cm Oil on Canvas Board (2019) The farmhand named Boris showed me the crops he grew and the animals he had. I did not know how he managed to keep anything alive. Yet he spoke lots of terms I did not know at all and he called it “Genetic Engineering”. There was no sleep this night, Boris told me of a place that once had frozen mountains and he called that Antarctica. It was so cold that your nose would fall off without protection. I can only imagine such a place existing long before my time.

MVP — Digital Painting 2160x3840 px (2020) It has been almost a month since I departed from Boris’ farm and my food supply was running low. This blasted place was filled with raiders who called themselves “Lurkers”, so I set my camp on the outskirt and tried my luck. The scavenging was risky. Luckily, I got some scrap that I traded with some locals and they offered me to join them. The raiders came in groups. The locals were well organised as a group and they looked after their people and they barely fended them off, but raider got one and made an example of them. The group tried to ease down with their entertainment called “basketball”. From what I have seen does not seem too interesting, but I keep my mouth shut.

Moment of Peace — 20 x 10 cm Oil on Panel (2019) I returned to my camp making sure I was not followed and had another sleepless night. On my way back, I sympathized with the poor bastard that got picked off. But deep down I also admired the raiders’ ruthless efficiency at dispatching a life. I witness how fragile is humanity. A man will do everything to survive. Killing is just one of them. Through power and fear raiders sent their message but can the local triumph with their honesty and determination? I grew tired from all this thinking and the moonlight gave me a moment of peace at last.

20200210 202934 — I had ventured East for a week now. I was seeing fewer people the further I went. Even the ruins were disappearing from the skyline. I was constantly seeing the same poster with a faceless man called “Ashen Lord”. Local folklore made mention of a legendary figure who walked these lands once. He described a vision in riddles and analogies that no one could understand. From what it sounded; he was simply ahead of his time. The man once visited a tribe on Earth that lead by robot and humans were pet to them. He was disappointed, and he wished he had never laid eye on them.

20191127 214125 — He was last seen with his “Revelation” and shouting like a madman. He went north and never came back. Some people claimed he was still living but many others claimed seeing his body in the Flooded Factory.

sketch1594245110010 — 2160x3840 px Digital Painting (2020) He left a note about his vision, “Four Horseman” was the only decipherable part; but it was simply nonsensical because horses had extinct long ago. I would like to search for him if he is still alive. For his knowledge seemed out of this world.

The New Dawn — 42 x 29.7 cm Oil on Special Board (2019) The sun seemed to be never setting and I did not know how many days I had travelled. The scorched sky had overwhelmed my perception. I knew I have walked on a true path but there was no sign of this “Ashen Lord”. I have reached a long-stretching structure, a wall or border of some sort which show signs of weathering millennia of the unyielding storm. The structure seemed both static and alive. I was uncertain if it was shapeshifting itself into unknown creatures. It is like a mirage floating in mid-air.

The Isle of Reborn (After Anorld Böcklin) — 1080 x 2200 px Digital Painting (2020) People greeted me with formalities unknown to me. But they seemed eager and pleasantly surprised, inspired even. Their faces consisted in the depths of my blurry memory, yet I failed to grasp on the thread. I looked at them in a certainly confused gratitude. That is until a lady handed me my Astronaut suit…

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