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Jae Sun Park

Before studying at RCA I did my BA in Spatial Design at Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea. There I learned the value of tangibility and how design can be shown and felt through making furnitures, planning exhibitions and designing interior. I officially started my career as a design researcher at a government organization, Korea Institute of Design Promotion also called KIDP. My role was to publish standards for quality and proficiency of design through a National publication called NCS. I had the chance to facilitate workshops with experts on a daily basis, discussing about the value and methodologies of different designs. That experience triggered me to think beyond the spatial design that I’ve learnt and wanted to have a bigger scope of the industry as a designer.

Over the last two years of learning and practicing service design at RCA, I’ve grown into a designer who’s capable of tackling challenges on a more holistic level. 


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Hello, I’m Jaesun and I am a service designer with a background in spatial design and experience as a design researcher. Always looking for opportunities that would enable me to make everyone happier, believing happiness as the ultimate value. I design to deliver the right value to the right stakeholder. Meaning better experiences for the service user, provider and anyone else who might be involved in the service.

I’m currently looking opportunities, especially in fashion, sports and architecture, interior but genuinely interested in a lot of things. Don’t hesitate to reach out or check out my portfolio at 

Urban Moments

Opportunity statement

User view - step count — To use Urban Moments, users would sign in using their existing account with their transport provider. This would enable the transport provider to get a better insight into citizens’ travel behaviours. 
As the user starts walking during peak hours, the step count is automatically activated. The app then tracks and converts their steps into Urban Points all in real-time. This data is stored and processed by the transport provider. The user gets and an indication of how much time is left until the peak time ends. They also have the option to pause or stop their step count in case they don’t want to be tracked on a certain part of their commute. At the end of the peak time, the step count is automatically deactivated.
By clicking on “insights” the user can see their contribution towards a reduction in Co2 emissions, congestion and other factors.

User view - offers — On the recommendations page, users can filter offers based on their current location and available Urban Points to spend. 
Here they can access other users' reviews of the offers. Not only that but the system would automatically keep track of the number of steps taken to redeem an offer. This metric becomes another visual information for the user to get a sense of the quality of the service. After selecting an offer, the user receives a coupon. They can redeem the offer by showing the QR-code.

Local shop view — Local shop owners fill in details of their offer and publish them on the platform to attract more customers. By using the scan function in the app local shops can validate coupons and then give out the offer. On the admin dashboard, local shops have an overview of their sales and details on redeemed offers. They can also access information about increases in revenue, new customers and repeat purchases.

Value exchange

Post-pandemic — Immediately after the current lockdown measures due to Covid-19, when people will no longer wear face masks or follow social distancing, public transportation will have less demand. People will be looking for safer ways to get around the city. However, driven by marketing and incentivisation activities due to revenue pressure, public transportation and ride-hailing services will see an increase in demand again. This would be the ideal time to launch “Urban Moments” and to embed it into existing commuting habits. Immediately after the lockdown, Urban Moments primarily works as a way for people who are walking or cycling anyway to get rewarded for such behaviour and to explore local shops in the city. Along with investments into the city infrastructure during and directly after the pandemic to keep post-pandemic pollution levels low, more people will be walking and cycling which will result in reduced demand for the public transportation network during peak-times, an improved passenger experience and healthier and happier citizens.

Meet the Designers

A service, encouraging citizens to walk as part of their commute, while staying healthy and exploring local shops in the city.

Public transportation in urban environments is often overcrowded and congested during peak-hours as commuters travel to and from work. Transport providers are increasingly facing difficulties with their demand management. As a result, this creates more discomfort and anxiety for passengers.

Urban Moments helps public transportation providers to reduce overcrowding on their network during peak-times by encouraging and incentivising people to move from public transport to active transport on the streets. It converts users’ number of steps taken as part of their commute automatically into ‘Urban Points’ which they can use to access products, services and experiences at local shops in the city.

Urban Moments increases and rewards active travel behaviours in the city, creating a positive impact on citizens' physical and mental health. Moreover, it works as a platform for local shops to attract new and more customers into their shops.


January 2020 - June 2020

Visa Innovation Center:
Visa a global payments technology company working in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency.
Launch Project

8 our journey — For more details on our research, design process and how we adapted to new ways of working due to Covid-19, please visit the RCA Service Design show by clicking on this image above.

Virtual coffee — Let's have a virtual coffee and we'll walk you through the details of our concept!

Visa Innovation Center:
Visa a global payments technology company working in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency.
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