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Hanxuan Jiang

Hanxuan Jiang (Sophie) is a young Chinese artist who is currently based in London. She will continue studying in Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University (MFA) after graduating from Royal College of Art (MA). In 2019, She was announced by Art News of China as one of the most excellent young artists in China (100 in total). She has participated in more than 30 exhibitions and film festivals around the world, including 2019 Florence Contemporary Art Biennale, 2019 Coventry Biennale, 2019 Beijing Biennale, London Independent Film Festival, Manchester Experimental Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival and Pingyao International Photography Festival, etc. Her works were collected by National Art Museum of China and Beijing Biennial.  


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In the contemporary context, she is focused on the relationship between people, space and place. How do individuals or groups get involved in a space? How do we experience the transformation among spaces? Her main works have focused on these issues, and they aim to create an experience through observation and imagination. There is a barrier between the world around us and distant reality. Before we became immersed in virtual media such as digital images and the internet, our understanding of far and near was dictated by distance; however, now “here” is close and familiar but also faraway and strange. Since the digital revolution, farness and nearness have become encoded and decoded, now reaching us instantaneously. The lenses of others have compressed the strange nature of the world and made it flat. Farness and nearness are no longer determined by distance but by whether they have been exposed in front of us. Along with the accumulation of time, images construct our memory by repeatedly adding familiarity to distant, unknown places.

Her work focuses on replacing this psychological “time–space gap” with physical “objectification”—that is, expressing it with an “envisaging/face” scene that uses both poetic and documentary styles to explore the psychological image produced by the succession and interlacing of time and space in modern society. She hopes that by guiding the audience to deeply understand the time–space transformation and the regional and cultural differences underlying scenes, they will think more about the issues that all human face and will better understand the cross-cultural, cross-regional and crossing of time–space in the contemporary context.  

Manufacturer of dreams examine how people pursue faith, truth and values (the known and knowable “holy mountain”). This pursuit can be hidden by the illusion of daily life. Only by facing life directly can we live and reveal ourselves as human beings.


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The short 16 mm film Nearness, without post-editing, reflects the conscious editing in my mind. I am sometimes a bystander and sometimes a participant, carrying out a pre-defined “editing" of the natural transitions between these identities. With a poetic feeling of uncertain distance, the short black space between shots captures how I am constantly switching between identities. Presence uses photographs, an installation, and moving images.


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